6 Ways To Boost Your Dental Practice on Instagram

Smile! You are on Instagam. If not, your dental practice needs to be. The photo-sharing social media app can be an effective way to market your dental practice. Instagram’s popularity is growing, already surpassing Twitter in active monthly users.

Reach is more than a toothbrush brand. In the social media world, reach refers to how many people are being exposed to your brand or practice name. To reach the largest social media audience and future patients, follow these tips to create an Instagram account that successfully works for your practice.

Create an Instagram business account.  An Instagram business account is essential because it allows you to setup more detailed contact information than a personal account. Instagram followers can easily call or connect with your dental practice straight from the app. Business profiles also provide more analytics, which provide valuable information about your posts.

Localize and brand your account. When you create an Instagram account, you should make it as easy as possible for people in your area to contact your dental practice.  Include important details for people to contact you, including the name of your practice, your phone number, your email, city and state and a link to your web site.

Setup a schedule for posting. Regular posting is key to gaining followers. Two or three posts a day is optimal, but make sure you are posting once a day at the very least. Posting at the same time or intervals every day is helpful.  Followers will come to expect and look for new information at certain times.  You may need to play around with posting times and review analytics to find the best time of day for posting.

Include hashtags on posts. Attaching 3-5 hashtags to your Instagram posts creates more exposure for your dental practice. Be thoughtful in selecting the words used in your hashtags and give them a local angle. Remember a hashtag summarizes the main idea of your post and provides key search words that will bring more views and likes.

Keep your account fresh with variety. Posting the same photo on the same dental topic bores the audience and drives users away from following your dental practice.  Diversify your posts and spend time thinking about ways you can make each post different.

Review posts monthly and access results.  It’s not enough to simply make posts. You also need to review your posts monthly to see which posts performed well with your audience. Look for patterns and make changes where necessary. Perhaps your posts get more likes or shares at a certain time of the day. Maybe a particular dental topic resonated with the audience more than others. Selecting the “insights” button on the Instagram Business profile page gives you valuable analytics at your fingertips!