Sky Zone

Come Jump With Sky Zone
Sky Zone Charlotte is always working to invent epic new ways to play, gather, and compete. Even though they’re the originators of wall-to-wall aerial action, they never stand still. The only way to understand it is to go experience it. So rally your crew and go!

Sky Zone was working with another local digital advertising company and was not getting their needs met. The communication was not happening and they didn’t understand what they were getting from their monthly spend.

  • Paid Search Management (Google Adwords)
  • YouTube Paid Ads
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Paid Social Campaigns (Facebook/Instagram)
  • Email Marketing Programs
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We worked with Sky Zone to understand where their ideal customer was hanging out online. We developed several audience profiles and identified types of individuals that they needed to be in front of. From there, we created an optimized SEM proposal using Google Adwords and YouTube sponsored video spots.

We also developed several audiences on Facebook to target the different programs they offer. We created different creatives to drive engagement at its highest level.

Sky Zone also needed help running their weekly email marketing programs. We develop emails based on specials and seasonal activities going on at the park.


We delivered industry low click rates (as low as .13 cents per click) on certain promotions going on at the park. We used Facebook tracking pixels to remarket to interested folks who have not purchased jump time at Sky Zone. Engagement levels and shares on these sponsored posts are well above industry norms.

Our PPC Campaigns in Charlotte, NC area are driving additional purchases on the web site. And our email marketing programs being delivered to over 35,000 people are driving additional engagement and sales.